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Susie Coelho Creative Consulting
offers direct counsel and guidance on everything from the formation of a strategic plan, overcoming the challenges inherent in the early stages of a start-up, bringing an idea or product successfully to market, and achieving systematic and sustained business growth and expansion in a tough economy. What our partners and clients are saying about Susie: Buy from Barnes
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Susie Coelho Enterprises (SCE) is a multi-media lifestyle company with divisions in television,
publishing, endorsements, personal appearances and licensing. Founded in 1997, and led by style guru Susie Coelho, SCE has become a leading influence in the lifestyle industry, with hit television shows, best-selling books, endorsements with Fortune 500 companies and over $100 million in licensed product at retail in just a few short years. With the most recent launch of Susie Coelho Creative Consulting, this award-winning television personality, best-selling author and acclaimed business entrepreneur is turning her attention to helping other entrepreneurs, guiding them on how they can best bring their hopes, dreams and passions to fruition from start-up to finish!