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A Good Day

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010


I was on my way to Cardio Barre the other day and the traffic was so bad that by the time I got there I had overshot the street so I decided to detour to the paint store instead.  This meant driving over to 3rd street, right next door to Toast (which has incredible food for breakfast and lunch) to pick up some paint swatches from Porter’s Paints.  I love these paints and have used them for years when we did makeovers on my HGTV show.  We loved them because they have a limestone base which when the sun hits it brings the limestone through and makes it look natural and aged and very Tuscan.  You cannot get a look like this with a sponge and no one should use a sponge when trying to get a textured look on the wall.  It just looks fake!  Use a rag if need be to swirl the paint and give some texture.


The owner and I started discussing his business and how he was checking out PR companies.  I told him some simple ideas that he could implement right away and save on the PR for now.  I personally have a PR firm – Levine Communications that I love but it just depends on whether or not you need marketing of your company or goods which is really those actions that help you sell your goods or PR which is public relations centering on making your product or company “known” to the public and publicizing your good works and products to raise awareness.  Publicity can bring in sales but not always.  That is not the goal of publicity and people are often confused about it.  It’s really to raise the profile or get more known  rather than to garner immediate sales.  The best strategies for growth are to have both marketing and PR campaigns.


We went to YAS tonight—Yoga and Spinning.  The vibe is so great in this place with it’s concrete walls and lime green accents.  So great to have two studios.  One with the bikes and the other just for yoga with a huge tall ceiling and beautiful wood floor.  The teachers are so upbeat and interested in what they do that it’s exciting to go there.  I love people who love what they do as it ends up exciting you!  I’m getting in shape too!


Finally…after all of these years…an outdoor makeover on my own front yard!  I am very excited and we took out the walkway today!  Tomorrow the mason arrives and will start to lay the forms for the new walkway, wall and stairs.  I have been wanting to redo my own yard for the last 8 years but never enough time.  It’s like the cobbler with no shoes!  Now I am indulging myself and have even brought in one of my favorite landscape designers to help me—Sean Fermite—he is awesome and so talented and took my initial design to another level.  I am now bringing in olive trees that he found up north for $1,000 a piece.  Not expensive for a full grown olive tree.  This will create a barrier to the street  and provide some much needed privacy.  The rest is awesome as well.


What are you passionate about?  What makes you wake up everyday and be excited about the day?  What makes you explode with joy?  That is the question isn’t it?  For myself it’s creating!  It’s taking an idea and then the game and joy of making it a reality.  Sometimes it’s hard work. Sometimes its not.  Often it flows so smoothly that you cannot even believe that it’s happening.  That is the power of doing what you love.  It drives you everyday to create and create and create.  When you stop creating you then get unhappy, feel tired and useless.  Then you start creating again and all changes.  Do the test.  Take a day and decide you are going to create something. It could be a party, dinner, a makeover, planting the garden, writing a song, painting.  Notice the way you feel when you set out on a task that you love and then get it done.  It’s not the getting done that is the joy it’s actually the process of doing as well that is fun.